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Cyber Security

Huawei Cyber Security White Paper (Jun. 2016)

As part of Huawei’s cyber security series, this white paper focuses on supply chain risk, introduces the importance for the industry to ensure supply chain security, best practices and Huawei’s approach on it.


6 Elements for Cyber Security

This video elaborates the 6 elements which should be taken into consideration by an organization while carrying out activities to ensure its cyber security: strategy, dedicated personnel, law & regulation, awareness raising, process control and audit.


Telefonica awards PSDA stamp to some specific Huawei products

Enrique Blanco, Telefonica Global CTO, awarded PSDA(Protocol of Security Development Assurance) stamp to Huawei products: Security GW Eudemon E8000E V5R1 and corresponding Management System M2000 V2R14  and renewed ME60 (BRAS) V6R8 and corresponding Management System U2000 V2R14 certification at the 2nd Huawei MBB cyber security mindshare which held in Hong Kong on Nov 4, 2015.  Jupiter Wang, Director of Huawei GSPO Office (Global Cyber Security & Privacy Office), accepted this stamp on behalf of Huawei.  PSDA is an active and successful attempt between Telefonica and Huawei to jointly build a global cyber security assurance system in an open and transparent manner.


Huawei wins Transparency Award for cyber security from the German government

At CeBIT2015 held in Hannover, Germany, Huawei received the Transparency Award for cyber security from the governments of four cities (i.e. Hannover, Brunswick, Gottingen, and Wolfsburg) in Saxony, Germany. This is the second cyber security award received by Huawei from governments outside China. Huawei previously received the Cyber Security Organization of the Year award from CyberSecurity Malaysia in 2014.


Huawei attends the Global Conference on Cyberspace in The Hague and signs

At the Global Conference on Cyberspace held in The Hague in April 2015, Huawei signed The Hague Declaration on the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise and became a founding member of the forum. Bert Koenders, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, expressed his appreciation for Huawei's participation.


Cyber Security Perspectives: 100 requirements when considering end-to-end cyber security with your technology vendors

In our White Paper, Making cyber security a part of a company’s DNA - A set of integrated processes, policies and standards, published in October 2013 we detailed our comprehensive approach to end-to-end cyber security processes.


Huawei Cyber Security

All-encompassing connectivity is revolutionising our lifestyles. This revolution holds a wealth of opportunities, but also a new challenge to global security. Faced with complex requirements and risks, how can we make the right choices? At Huawei, we have developed a system enabling technology buyers to make informed decisions by asking the right questions.


Huawei Receives "Cyber Security Organization of the Year" Award from CyberSecurity Malaysia

[Ipoh, Malaysia, November 13, 2014]: Huawei today announced that it has won the " Cyber Security Organization of the Year" Award from CyberSecurity Malaysia, the national cyber security specialist agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Malaysia. The recognition came at the 4th Cyber Security Malaysia - Awards, Conference and Exhibition (CSM-ACE) held recently in Ipoh, a capital city of the Perak State, Malaysia.


An Exclusive Interview of Ulf Feger With ISF

Ulf Feger, Cyber/Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Huawei Germany, had an exclusive interview with ISF on August 29th, 2014. He said: “The omnipotent theme of cyber security needs to be subdivided into sub-topics – by way of making these issues manageable and controllable, based on regulations, guidelines and usable tools.”


Huawei joins ETIS, the IT Association for Telecommunications

[Brussels, Belgium, 10 June 2014] Huawei today announced that it has become an associate member of ETIS.


Huawei calls for common international cyber security standards

Substantial progress on cyber security cooperation has been made worldwide over the past year. However, an international agreement on best practices, guidance, and best standards on cyber security has not been reached. Huawei advocates the development and implementation of unified international standards on cyber security and is actively making cyber security a part of its DNA. Huawei believes that the future of cyber security is all about international collaboration and governments, the industry, and buyers need to work together to define the best cyber security standards. KPN's vision for cyber security is that cyber security is imbedded into its security processes, design architecture, products, and services and is something it has by default without having to think too much about.


Huawei Cyber Security White Paper (Oct. 2013)

The whitepaper provides much more detail into Huawei’s end-to-end cyber security approach, including a more practical overview of the approach Huawei takes to the design, build and deployment of technology that involves cyber security considerations.


Protecting the EU’s Online Landscape: Huawei’s David Francis to Speak at Cyber Security Event

On5 June 2013,Huawei attended a conference on cyber security at the Thon Hotel EU in Brussels.The event, entitled “Cyber security: protecting networks, fighting cyber threats”, offered participants the chance to discuss the recently proposed EU legislation on network and information security


Cyber Security: Challenges That ICT Multinationals Face

On September 7, 2012, Ms. Chen Lifang, Huawei's Senior Vice President, delivered a keynote speech "Cyber Security: Challenges That Huawei Faces as an ICT Multinational" at the Handelsblatt Cyber Security Conference. This conference is a very important strategic forum in Germany's political, business, and military circles. The first cyber security conference held in 2011 became the most influential and the highest-level cyber security event in Germany. The organizer of this conference was Handelsblatt, the largest commercial newspaper in Germany. Altogether, 100 participants from Germany and other countries attended this conference.


Ms. Chen Lifang Attended and Spoke at the Budapest Conference on Cyberspace 2012

After the London Conference on Cyberspace in November 2011, the second session of this conference was held in Hungary from October 4 to 5, 2012. The Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of Hungary, the British Foreign Minister, the South Korean Foreign Minister, ministerial officials from another 12 countries, including Germany, France, Sweden, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, and 12 CXOs of multinationals attended the conference. Over 600 people from more than 70 countries and 20 international organizations were present at the conference. Ms. Chen Lifang delivered a speech "Finding a Viable and Collective Solution" at the conference, and attended the panel discussion on cyber security.


Andy Purdy‘s talk: the Cyber Security

I’m not going to argue to anybody that there’s no threat out there. The threat and the risk to the networks and this world is very substantial. We have difficult challenges we’re trying to address, but we’re using logic, we’re using teamwork, we’re using collaboration, openness, and transparency so that we can succeed by helping address the cyber-security concerns, the legitimate concerns of government and the private sector, both in the United States and globally. People have to recognize though, that security is a journey, it’s not a destination. We have to be continually be proactive and systematic as we improve, so we can have a greater level of confidence that as the threats change, as the threats increase, we can address them in real time.


Cyber Security - A Global Supply Chain Challenge

Huawei’s Global Cyber Security Officer, John Suffolk, provides an overview of Huawei’s approach to the cyber security and global supply chain challenge.


21st Century Technology and Security - A Difficult Marriage

Huawei’s Global Cyber Security Officer, John Suffolk, offers suggestions for how to address these concerns in a proactive and pragmatic way across the telecommunications industry.


John Suffolk : Collaborating Together Rather Than Working Apart

It has also been said "To err is human but to blame someone else is politics". So mixing technology, people, politics and then adding in cyber security is a heady mix and a mix that causes more heat than light and more emotion than fact.


An Exclusive Interview of John Suffolk with Reuters

The Chinese corporation, however, has time on its side. “We will have patience with the USA, and also with other countries,” Suffolk says.


Huawei Attended the 2012 INFOFORUM in Russia

In 2012, Huawei attended the INFOFORUM in Moscow, Russia as the primary sponsor for the first time. At the forum, attendees from Huawei shared their opinions about information security issues with stakeholders. INFOFORUM is the highest level and the most important information-technology and information-security forum.